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How we work

For years, our soccer school specialized itself in organising technical trainings, no doubt leading to more creativity, ease with the ball, confidence and pure joy in playing soccer, for each kid. In addition to these technical trainings, in which the emphasis lays on the details of the implementation of new movements, we find it is now time to further expand our technical trainings  to create an even broader offer. These courses are an ideal complement to the different training courses.


WTP Indoor Speed ​​& Agility is a new concept of technical training, where the operational speed and coordination of each individual are the central focus points. A totally different approach to promote the speed of thinking and acting simultaneously. These two important factors must lie in harmony with each other, since both cannot live without each other. Some players often see the solution but do not show the required footwork in order to bring the desired result. Others again have the technique but do not see the solution. Hence the importance of this very individual training.

This innovative indoor project is led by our main coordinator, Alain Van Mieghem. In order to guarantee the highest quality the kids will be trained in small groups of maximum 6. The groups are made up by level and we are trying to put together groups of 6 in order to reduce the cost per player. If not enough players of the same level register, the size of the group will be reduced, but unfortunately costs per player will be higher.

Please note available places are limited, so sign up as soon as possible.

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