Soccerschool - technique training


Founded in 2008 in Belgium, Way to Play is a technical soccer school that focusses on teaching soccer skills to young people between 6 and 13 years of age. A soccer program consists of four aspects: a technical, tactical, physical and mental aspect. As soccer clubs should work around these four components, there is often too little attention for the technical side of the game. However, it is the true basis of all sports!

Moreover, many youth clubs in Belgium are more and more targeting on the physical aspect. They do this to get results as quickly as possible and often with success. Problem is these players cannot keep up their performance from the age of about 15 because they have not been given sufficient technical background. They are sometimes now also physically overtaken by their peers and lack technical skills. These young people have thus sadly missed in their education this important and crucial step to be able to continue to make it to the top.

Thanks to the WTP Junior and WTP Professional system and the extensive range of soccer camps your son / daughter will get the chance to lift their technical skill to a higher level, in an intensive but fun way. This ensures that he / she can always fall back during training and matches on a range of basic technical exercises and feints. Because of this he / she will have more fun in playing football, he / she will be able to bring more peace in their game and their self-esteem will get a huge boost.

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